casilda sanchez

y el mar se negó a ser tierra

winter landscape

high tide

quisiera... (I)

quisiera... (II)

quisiera... (III)

quisiera... (V)

quisiera... (VI)

the touch of proximity

interior with red sofa

los labios de su boca...

ojos que no ven

as inside as the eye
can see(video)

as inside as the eye
can see(photo)

peephole relations, object 1

peephole relations, object 2

the viewer

insides (madrid)

insides (chicago)

insides (video)



intimate diary

the surface existence


intimate diary

intimate diary
digital print on a moleskine notebook
180 x 13 cm

This project was developed for the “Art in a Moleskine” show, coordinated by Estampa Gallery, and was presented at the stand of the Antonio Perez Foundation at the Estampa 2006 Art Fair. It is currently on display as part of the permanent collection in the San Clemente Graphic Art Museum in Cuenca, Spain.

For this show, I was invited to work on a Moleskine notebook whose pages are folded like an accordion 2 meters long. The pages are printed on both sides with faces of people kissing on one side and the backs of their heads on the other.

The piece is called “Intimate diary”. I asked my intimate friends to kiss the camera –as if it was me- so that I could photograph their faces as well as the back of their heads. The back of the page symbolizes the public side, represented by the warm and protective hair. The front is the most private side: kissing. In this way, the viewer can be either kissed or rejected.

Shown at:

Estampa: International Print and Contemporary Art Editions Fair [“Arte en una Moleskine” (Art in a Moleskine)], Madrid, Spain. November 30th – December 4th, 2006
Museo de Obra Gráfica de San Clemente, permanent collection. The museum is part of the Fundación Antonio Pérez in Cuenca, Spain