casilda sanchez

y el mar se negó a ser tierra

winter landscape

high tide

quisiera... (I)

quisiera... (II)

quisiera... (III)

quisiera... (V)

quisiera... (VI)

the touch of proximity

interior with red sofa

los labios de su boca...

ojos que no ven

as inside as the eye
can see(video)

as inside as the eye
can see(photo)

peephole relations, object 1

peephole relations, object 2

the viewer

insides (madrid)

insides (chicago)

insides (video)



intimate diary

the surface existence


insides (video)
digital video
1 min

Depending on the hour of the day, a window can act as a mirror, which reflects the world around it and protects the interior from stranger’s eyes, or as a showcase that bares the inside when the night comes down.

The video uses this transformation as a metaphor of the boundaries between inside and outside within the life cycle of light and darkness.

Shown at:

The Underscene, Chicago. October 17th - 18th, 2008
Urban Research on Film at Directors Lounge, Berlin, Germany. Contemporary Art and Media Festival curated by klaus W. Eisenlohr. February 7th – 17th, 2008