casilda sanchez

y el mar se negó a ser tierra

winter landscape

high tide

quisiera... (I)

quisiera... (II)

quisiera... (III)

quisiera... (V)

quisiera... (VI)

the touch of proximity

interior with red sofa

los labios de su boca...

ojos que no ven

as inside as the eye
can see(video)

as inside as the eye
can see(photo)

peephole relations, object 1

peephole relations, object 2

the viewer

insides (madrid)

insides (chicago)

insides (video)



intimate diary

the surface existence


interior with red sofa
2 channel HD video installation
12 min, loop

Special thanks to Orla Mc Hardy and Julio Obelleiro.

To find the essence of a world philosophy, look for its adjective. Language dreams. We find ourselves experiencing in words, on the inside of words, secret movements of our own.    -Gaston Bachelard

Interior with red sofa is a trip into somebody’s intimate reading space, a swing into a personal rhythm, a slow down into the insignificant detail of the passing of the page, the caressing of the words by an immersed gaze. And it does so by holding a distance between book and reader that is as small and close as is imagination entering meaning, and is yet as big and open as a whole corner that dwells us all in it.

Shown at:

Sullivan Galleries,Chicago (USA). December 11th 2010 - January 22nd 2011