casilda sanchez  

y el mar se negó a ser tierra

winter landscape

high tide

quisiera... (I)

quisiera... (II)

quisiera... (III)

quisiera... (V)

quisiera... (VI)

the touch of proximity

interior with red sofa

los labios de su boca...

ojos que no ven

as inside as the eye
can see(video)

as inside as the eye
can see(photo)

peephole relations, object 1

peephole relations, object 2

the viewer

insides (madrid)

insides (chicago)

insides (video)



intimate diary

the surface existence


digital video
1.50 min

The eye is observed by the video camera while it is itself observing. It can be seen how it scrutinizes the world from its corporal dwelling, creating a visual communication with the “other”.

By closely observing the eye I see how the eyelashes act like a curtain or blind, allowing the light in or providing shade when necessary. As the lens zooms in I see them wiping off the fine particles thus becoming a perfect guardian of the defenseless eye.

I am fascinated by the complex versatility of eyelashes: the tiniest hairs in the body and yet the most delicate and beautiful. They are synonymous with femininity and protectors of the sight, the most developed sense in the Contemporary Era.

Shown at:

8th Leandre Cristòfol Art Biennal, La Panera
(Lleida, Spain) Jan 10 - April 28 2013
Hyde Park Art Center's booth at MDW Fair (Chicago) Nov 9-11 2012
International Roaming Biennial of Tehran in Belgrade, Serbia. April 3rd - 10th, 2009

MUA, Museo de la Universidad de Alicante
(Museum of the University of Alicante) Alicante, Spain March 17th - May 2nd 2009
Optica Festival, Espacio Espora in Madrid, October 15th - 17th 2009
International Roaming Biennial of Tehran in Berlin, Germany. November 20th - December 7th 2008
MAVI, Museo de Artes Visuales
(Museum of Visual Arts) “Instancias del arte en video”, Santiago, Chile November 7th – 14th 2008
The Underscene, Chicago, USA. October 17th-18th, 2008
International Roaming Biennial of Tehran in Istanbul, Turkey. May 30th - July 6th, 2008
Product Festival, Varna, Bulgaria. June 5th – June 15th, 2008
Looptopia’s UPS Video Trackjector, Chicago, USA. May 2nd, 2008