casilda sanchez

y el mar se negó a ser tierra

winter landscape

high tide

quisiera... (I)

quisiera... (II)

quisiera... (III)

quisiera... (V)

quisiera... (VI)

the touch of proximity

interior with red sofa

los labios de su boca...

ojos que no ven

as inside as the eye
can see(video)

as inside as the eye
can see(photo)

peephole relations, object 1

peephole relations, object 2

the viewer

insides (madrid)

insides (chicago)

insides (video)



intimate diary

the surface existence


y el mar se negó a ser tierra
(and the sea refused to be land)

8 channel video and audio installation

dimensions variable


Shown at:

La Panera Centre d'Art, SOLO show, Feb 6 - June 8 2014, (Lleida, Spain)

An underwater journey composed of a maze of 8 large-scale video projections where boundaries are undefined and spatial coordinates are inverted. Embraced by the shapeless, infinite and ever changing, we find ourselves surrounded by moving images that are hard to identify and spaces that call us in, drawing us to their ocean depths, where at moments we seem not to be alone. Vision becomes an uncertain impression; we are submerged, mid-voyage, trapped in a story with no beginning or end, never-ending and always changing.

Catalog text by Karin Ohlenschläger (english, spanish and catalan): link

Video of the show (interview in spanish):